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Nose job commonly known as rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to correcting and reconstructing the form of the nose and restoring the functions of it.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most populer cosmetic surgery procedure.The purpose of rhinoplasty is to correct the shape of the nose in the best way to be in a good harmony with face features and also restoring any problems which obstacle the functions of it.

For People at Age of 18 or over, rhinoplasty operation can be done. For rhinoplasty there is no maximum Age limitation or specific time border.
If there is a breathing problem or cosmetic problems with nose , rhinoplasty can be done. The most common problems with nose are; arched nose, falling noses tips and irregular nose shapes.

Beside those reasons most of the people want to look like some of the famous people therefore they want to have nose operations. In operation process the needed and detailed information should be given to the patients in order to satisfy patients expectations. The cost of the operation determines after consultation. The reason of it is, at consulatation the length and procedures of the nose surgery being decided by surgeons.

Before and after surgery, the patient get examined by surgeon. According to patient expectations or complaints surgeon decides which treatments are needed. Surgeon takes nose pictures from every angle to plan and make the most suitable nose shape to the patients’ face. When the doctor and patient decide and agree all of the terms, the clinic team writes an operation appointment to the patient.

Before and after rhinoplasty, the patient should follow all of the operation rules beside the rules, the rhinoplasty patient should stay away from blood thinner medicines. to avoid any complication during the operation, the patient should not eat anything last twelve hours . If the patient uses any medicines regularly, should give information to the doctor. The patient should be also prepared psychologically. Before the operation some requested tests should be done in hospital. Rhinoplast can be done under local or general anesthesia. Approximately the operation takes two hours and all the needed process to nose can be done in that time.

After operation when the narcotic effect passes, the patient can leave the hospital or stay a night according to doctors’ decision. All the directions the doctor gives should be followed by the patient. After operation when the patient awakes completely can eat light food. Beside that, until complete recovery, the face should be protected carefully. After operation, it takes two or three days to swelling and bruises completely go away. It takes between six month to a year complete recover of nose. During that time doctor check up is needed.

One of The most often asked question is if there is going to be any permanent surgery mark. The stitches being done very carefully. That is why there is no possibility for surgery mark or sign.

After rhinoplasty, the operated person can feel more confident and psychologically positive. Also if doctor corrected the functions of the nose in operation, the patient will be feeling better when breathing.

Sweden is a country that has proved its first place around the world. We are carrying out our aesthetic surgery with the philosophy of ‘Mimimum error and successful results’, the Swedish technique developed by mathematical and algorithmic methods by Professor Hern, who performed the most esthetic surgery of the world in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. To make peace with the mirrors, transform yourself into the one you are dreaming of, give us only a day. With our magic touches, life will be more elegant on you.


  • Ranya Rno

    Hello doctor please I need your help. I have a big and a humpy nose and also I have breathing problems. I looked at many doctors rhinoplasty works and I had time to have consultation with them. However I saw on instagram your patients before and after pictures they were very nicely done. Therefore I want to have a consultation appointment. Please I am waiting for you reply.

  • Elion Koka

    Hi everyone
    Dr. Altan you are an amazing and proffesional doctor, You understood excatly what I want and need. I was right to came and trust you and your team. I am in love with my nose. Now I can take more pictures from side angles .. Thank you very much for taking good care of me. By the way the day after operation I had time to enjoy beutiful Istanbul view . Everything was amazing.

  • Stella N,

    Hello, I am writing to you from Sweden. its been almost a year since I had operation. I would like to thank all of you one by one. I can breathe better and I love its shape. Thanks to your team and doctor for doing everything great. I would definetly recommend your place to everyone around me. I will be there on july because my boyfriend also needs rhinoplasty, See you on july 🙂

  • Nesrin e.

    Hello, I have problem wşth my nose sometimes I want it to be ripped off 🙁 since many years I have breathing problem and therefore I use nasal spray. even with that I can take smell of anything well. I know ı should not use too much spray but when my nose is plugged I get headache:( I saw Swedish clinic on tv and when I read the comments I got hopes. and I have another problem I have 3 kids after I breast fed them my breast go droppy. I would like to know the price if I do breast and nose at the same time. I will be happy if you inform me

  • Mine F.

    a week ago I had rhinoplasty and ear pinning operation everything went as I planned ve the most important thing is they gave me a great service and care and also their institution and staff is really great. thanks very very much to everyone, my doctor and the driver. 🙂

  • meltem R.

    I have been evaluating this thank-you on behalf of a close friend of mine. after a long researching to find a solution for her nose problems and she decided to have surgery here. Since she came from Turkey tells how good it has been and her nose is very natural and beautiful. My brother has a hair problem, I will have a talk with you again as soon as possible. Have a great work day

  • Nazlı

    its my 15th day after rhinoplasty and everything became excatly how I requested I would like to thank very very very very much to my doctor

  • Ferda

    you are the most succesful place to go for rhinoplasty surgery, I looked at some other doctor’s results but you are way better than all of them thanks for everything

  • Gaye

    hi to all of you and thanks a lot. during the process of my rhinoplasty treatment except Istanbul traffic everything was amazing 🙂 soon we will be there for my sibling see you soon.

  • Esma

    you are very successful on every cosmetic surgery thanks for everythimg. you are wonderful

  • Buse

    Im on the second week of rhinoplasty, thanks to my doctor and his assistans from my arrival till departure they were with me thank you very very very very much.

  • Meltem

    Hello Im following you and as I see your operation results are really successful me and my sister want to have operation combine rhino and breast can we get information

  • Masima A.

    Hi to all of you and now a yeas past since the opr. I really like it great thanks

  • Demet

    After operation its my first week and unbelievebly there is no bruise or swelling this swedish tehcnique is amazing I 100% advice everyone


    Hello Doctor, Im writing to you from Germany whoever want to get high quality and great service I advice Swedish Clinic. I would like to say hi to everyone in your team especially Hi to Burçak

  • Cemre

    Hello doctor it is the second day and I would like to thank you in advance, you are very legend in everyway such as operation and other services. In the meantime, since we are in İstanbul I would not be good to go back without exploring this city 🙂

  • Ceren

    Doctor you are great everything is excatly became how I wanted thank you

  • Kübra

    Here I treated for rhinoplasty and dental and the service you are giving is great I would like to thank everyone and your professionel team, I can advice anyone your place without hesitation. Thank you

  • Aysel K.

    I am Aysel from England, I am very thankful to you and your experienced team from here. I thank you very much especially madam berna, Im in the first week of rhinoplasy surgery everything seems to be what I excatly wanted.

  • Ayşegül

    I am really grateful to you , even though it is my first week, you are very successful.

  • Nergiz

    My nose is now amazing thank you very much

  • Gurkan

    This is my first week photo, thanks for everything I can now breathe better and the shape of it excatly How I want thank you very much doctor

  • Hülya

    I like to congratulate you very much, I am in love with nose now a days, it is excatly what i wanted, both natural and suits my face very well, even though it is 1 month, everything is very beautiful, my nose is very beautiful

  • sinem

    Greetings from Germany it has been 1 month and I can not thank you enough that the result was more beautiful than I wanted. I am very happy to know you

  • yeşim

    Hi doctor, its been 1 year since I had operation, Im really happy with my nose when I look at my old pictures I see a huge difference thank you very much

  • sema

    My nose looks great and everyone around me liked it very much thanks for your job

  • Nesrin

    Hello Doctor it has been 2 months after operation and it looks so natural that nobody realize that it is aesthetic, I thank you again

  • melisa

    Can I get a price for rhinoplasty, here a close friend of mine recommended you,she hadnose aesthetic here and it was very beautiful I want tohave nose aesthetic can I get the price and information

  • Hatice

    Before the rhinoplasty aesthetic, my only thought was if the new nose will suit my face, but I have received a very detailed information on this subject and the result was great thanks to my doctor who has take care of me

  • ezgi

    I am very pleased with you and your service, especially the result of my nose,now I always take photos from a side profile, thank you very much,

  • handan

    I really found the service I have been looking for many years, I have seen many places for nasal aesthetics, but only I was able to get full information in swedish clinic and whoever want to have operation without anyproblem should come here.

  • Neriman

    I prefer you because of a recommendation and I would recommend you after I saw the great service , I requested a natural and beautiful nose from the doctor and it is excatly how I wanted thank you to all


    Many place only care for money but the swedish clinic gives great service and Im very happy with the operation. thanks to all of you and hi to zeliş

  • Hilal

    No more than a week, and there is no swelling nor bruise in the face, thank you for all for everything

  • Seren Tunç

    If you are looking for a great service firstly then this is the right address great service and quality results excellent communication from here I greet all of the doctors and team

  • zeynep

    Yes yes yes I finally found a place where I want all the interest should be on me. The doctor and the team really took care of me well. Hi to them

  • Mert

    I thought a lot about having nose aesthetic, but finally I reached the Swedish Clinic with my friend’s recommendation, and I was supposed to get rid of the huge hump at the top of my nose. Everything was very clean and they served same high level as abroad. 6 months passed over my nose aesthetic.Really it looks great many thanks

  • suznadrevon

    I am grateful to you that my self confidence came instead of you having pain on the first day, but as you said the ice came very well as painkiller. Thanks to zeliş, I tell everyone about Swedish clinic, even many thanks will not be enough for my appreciation

  • sibel

    6 months ago I had rhınoplasty. when I was in the swedish clinic, during the process of surgery both the doctor and the whole team was with me sincerely as I imagined i in every subject. Everyone seeking naturalism and good service should go to the swiss clinic

  • sude

    They have really been with me during the course of Rhinoplasty aesthetics. I would like to thank all the Swedish families very much especially to my doctor. I love all of you soo much

  • emine

    it has been 1.5 years since I had operation in Swedish clinic and it was very difficult to find a good quality place, I feel extra lucky in this regard that I prefer the swedish clinic for operation

  • Şebnem K.

    I feel very fortunate that I prefer you for rhinoplasty aesthetic, as it is exactly what I would like to be and I would recommend Swedish clinic for rhinoplasty.

  • Merve

    Doctor and swedish clinic I thank you all individually nobody could realize that I had nose aesthetic because it is so natural. thanks for doing great job

  • Derya

    Since longtime I wanted to be have rhinoplasty, I went to my sister in turkey and I saw the neighbor who was in there for a new surgery and it was natural that it was unbelievable. I decided to have surgery after seeing her, swedish clinic first look after the operation when I saw my nose I was screaming. the nose aesthetic Definite and clear I would definately recommend Swedish clinic !!!

  • meryem

    I had problems with my nose all the time last year my cousin had rhinoplasty in the clinic was and it was very natural ,therefore I chose to have operation in Swedish clinic and now it past 4 months of the operation it looks great thanks

  • zahra t.

    There are many places do operations but you are one of the great one who does this job amazing

  • tahir e.

    before rhinoplasty I was only thinking to get manly nose and I had hesitation however I got excatly what I wanted thanks

  • zehra

    Im on the 3th month of the rhinoplasty surgery I would like sincerely to thank Zeliha and Mehmet everything was wonderful

  • hande G.

    It has been more than 1 week an there is no or bruise. it has been holiday and health tip at the sametime for me and my partner and it has’ europian standards I really like it. Greetings from England

  • ayşem T.

    First of all, I would like to thank all the Swedish clinic
    Both the hearthfelt welcoming and the service really impressed me. There is almost no such service in Europe. I can definately RECCOMEND SWEDISH CLINIC for RHINOPLASTY OPERATION.

  • suna

    There was a big hump on my nose, it was always a problem I could not even get a selfie, I decided to have rhinoplasty operation and I chose swedish clinic, the result was quite good especially thanks to mehmet and all swiss clinic team

  • meltem y.

    Hi, I have been researching for 5 months and one month ago I have contacted zeliha from swedish clinic and then I saw the doctor. After consultation I decided to have operation. Im really satisfied with the operation only I went there at time but they made me wait a bit for my appointment however I advise anyone who think of rhinoplasty to go there. thanks Swedish clinic

  • hazal a.

    I have had a year of nose surgery and it looks very natural as I always wanted. I would like to thank my doctor and swedish clinic Thank you

  • ece s.

    I had always had a problem related to the nose since my adolescence. I had a big problem and it was always bothering me. Lastly me and my mother talked about my nose seriously. I talked to a neighbor who had operation in turkey in swedish clinic. I decided to have nose aesthetic and it was very nice. I took an appoinment and saw the perfect results as I went. Now 3 weeks after the operation I really got my dreamed nose thanks thank you

  • Nurca A

    Hello doctor my nose operationis a very successful it has been 3 weeks, both curvature in my nose and breathing problem solved. I had not thought it would be so easy before the surgery but I am very satisfied with the surgery I definitely recommend swedish clinic

  • Rüzgar D.

    Hello I have begun to search for your nasal aesthetic results on the advice of my wonderful close friend, really super results, if you can give me detailed information on this matter, and can you please share your before and after operation photos. Good work

  • EKREM G.

    Hello I have begun to search for your nasal aesthetic results on the advice of my wonderful close friend, really super results, if you can give me detailed information on this matter, and can you please share your before and after operation photos. Good work

  • Ahmet T.

    hello Doctor,I live in Denmark 3 weeks later I will be coming there to have nose surgery. I want to make a appoinment and can you reply back to me.

  • Esma Y.

    Hello First of all, I had your surgery 6 months ago. Thank you very much Doctor Altan .Whoever ask me I give your name to all. Thank you very much for everything. I will visit as soon as possible. Greetings from the UK

  • Şermin Hanım

    Hello I am 18 years old and my nose is big for my face. I have mailed some other clinics my they did not replay. So I want to know is my age is okay to get operated and how long do I need to get rested? How long will the bruise stay? I hope to find anwers for my questions.

  • Vedat T.

    I breathe hard and I have a strain in my nose. What is the amount of surgery, what can be done for under-eye bruises. Is it a different operation? I want to be in TR after 2 weeks. I would like to have surgery there. one of my friend had operation there and really satisfied, please can you help me too.

  • Zehra A.

    Hello Dr. Doctor I have been searching you from the internet for a long time. I like the surgeries you do very much. can you help me in this regard. Thanks in advance

  • Onur Aksoy

    I went to see the Swedish Clinic on a friend’s recommendation. The image of my nose bothered me too much. After I saw Dr. Altan , I decided to have surgery because of his energy, his gums and his knowledge. Despite being 1 month since operation, the image of the nose is excellent. Thanks to Swedish Clinic and Doctor Altan. Istanbul

  • Filiz F.

    Hello I want this aesthetic but I want an average price I would like to come if it is suitable according to my budget and my height is 160 and 47 kg

  • Yusuf Ç.

    Hello doctor, 8 or 9 years ago my nose was hit and at that time I did not go to doctor and naturally when I was growing a hump formed ın the middle of it. when I breathe it does not give me any hardness but the apperance of it does. Approximately 3or 4 years ago I went to a doctor and they told me the cost is 5 thousand lira. And that price was pretty too much at that time. However right now if the price is 5 thousand lira but if they do payment option monthly and if the price is lower than 5 thousand i would like to come and after consultation I can directly have operation. If you help me in that way I will be really happy.

  • Yakup C.

    Im making some researches about Rhinoplasty Surgery Price and if I find a price for my budget i will have operation.

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