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Breast Lifting

One of the places where many women are most uncomfortable with their bodies is the breast part. Of course, there are many different reasons. In some women, breasts are saggy since they start growing and, for this reason, they may have operations for breasts. However, with age and, the effect of gravity, sagging can be seen in many women’s breasts.

However, there is now a breast lifting aesthetics, and in this respect, in general, every woman over 18 years old can do this aesthetic operation. However, despite all these and very successful operations, many women think that such aesthetic surgery is quite expensive, and because of these prices some women still have to stay away from the operations.

But that is not the case. With this high quality operation, which is extremely affordable, every woman can get a great view of her breast. Many womencan also determine whether their breasts are sagging. For this, when a woman stay in front of a mirror, and if a nipple remains above the breast underline and if there is no sag under the nipple then it can be called ideal breast. Otherwise, breast reconstruction operation is required.

However, in some cases such as weight loss or after birth the operation can be needed. On the other hand, the prices for this operation are very reasonable. That is why no woman needs to be afraid of breast lifting prices. This extremely high quality operation can be carried out within the most favorable prices.

Every Woman Have It

Besides, it is very important that the ladies who will be have this surgery are absolutely should be on ideal weight. The reason for this is that the fat ratio must be at an appropriate level for surgery. At this point, breast reconstruction operation can be performed in a relaxed manner. Of course, in such a highly successful breast lifting operations, the patient’s requests are the most important part.

After a deep examination of the patient’s breasts, a plan is drawn up of those breasts and the appropriate breast shape desired by the patient is made in accordance with this plan. But when you hear all this, no woman should worry about the price. Extremely affordable breast augmentation rates allow every woman to get rid of these sagging breasts with easy operation. The breast augmentation operations are extremely painless and no pain is heard.

In addition, the patient remains in hospital for a very short time and can return home after one or two days or as soon as the aesthetic of breast augmentation is over. The breast augmentation rates are very favorable, and the patient can also do bathing after a week.

Swedish is the number one country in the world to prove itself on healt branch. We plan and develop our aesthetic operations with the philosophy of ‘’minimum error and successful results’’ which is Swedish technique developed by mathematical algorithms for numerical values, developed from
professor Hern who had operated world’s most surgeries in Stockholm, capital city of Sweden

Sweden, where the healthcare industry is well advanced, is a country that has proven itself in the medical world. One of the most important names in this field is Professor Hern, who lives in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Professor Hern, who has done the most aesthetic surgery of the world, achieves minimum error and success with the Swedish technique developed by mathematical algorithms on numerical values.


  • Fatima

    Hello I can not bare my neck and back pain anymore because of the size of my breasts and I made a big research and many people recommended you place and at the end of my researches I came up with the result of your place name as the most successful institution. Also when I saw the comments It increased my trust more see you in a very short time

  • Rüzgar O.

    you are great on everything and thanks to you all one by one.

  • Mercan K.

    Doctor My sister had breat reduction operation a year ago and she is really satisfied with the result, I have the same problem and I will choose your place for operation I would like to thank all of you behalf of my sister

  • Bahar T

    My doctor I do not know how to thank enough to you and your team everything was amazing your experience, the quality of your institution is perfect. everything was excatly how I planned 🙂

  • Halime

    Hello I had breast reduction operation a year ago Im really lucky to find your place you are great on every subject if I do not see the crowdness of Istanbul everything was great thanks for everything

  • Asya

    Hello I do not know how to explain my happiness, since I was too young I had the big breast and you saved me from that big weight really people who think of having this operation should contact to your clinic . In Istanbul I went to many places for information but I have never met a institution as good as yours.. tons of greetings from France

  • Cemile R.

    This is the place I had been looking for many years you provide sincere and successful service, after operation I feel too light and I can not express how happy I am. thanks for everything and hi to everyone

  • fatmanur

    hello doctor I had operation 6 months ago Im writing from here to send my sincere thank to you and your institution all of the staff are great İn Europe we have not seen a place provides as quality as your place and really after the operation could take a great breathe thanks for everything because everything is great .. greetings from Germany

  • Nurten

    the last one year because of shoulder and waist pain I could not even move I found your place on recommendation. a day after the operation I could ge up and I went home. Until now I had all the pain for nothing. thanks to My Doctor and the team you are all great

  • Nursel Dalır

    May I get information about breast reduction operation. Im thinking to come on December. Thanks

  • Zehra D.

    My wedding is 2 months later. The size of my breast irretate me. If I have the op. now 2 months later how would it look. I want to have op. can you help me?

  • Hediye Aktaş

    I had been feel neck and back pain for around 10 years. At the end I decided to have operation and during that process Swedish Clinic came up like a miracle. I got rid of the pain also the appreance of big boobs. Thanks to Doctor Altan tons. lovesss from Germenay. Germany-KOLN

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