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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation operations have been performed quite often,lately. The most important reason fort this fact is, the operation attracts too much attention from women. By women get aged, the shape of their breast deforms(sags) or if they lose weight same thing happens also after they breast feed their new born babies the deformation can be seen but when they have breast enlargement surgery shape of the breast gets way better and keep them in a better mood for a lifetime.

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgery. It is called Breast enlargement aesthetics because it is not done for correcting normal health. Breast augmentation aesthetics are not a surgery but a small aesthetic operation. The procedure is easier and more effortless in terms of time and process than other operations. Breast augmentation aesthetics is an operation that will not cause much trouble for both the patient and the surgeon. Therefore breast enlargement aesthetics often resulted in successful results.

Unless a very abnormal condition develops, the success rate of these operations is quite high. Breast enlargement rates vary according to the duration and the nature of the procedure. breast enlargement rates, which are calculated considering many factors such as the level of success of the work of the expert team and the nature of the operations performed during the operation. in some the cost is too low even tough they are not very popular. Because people are aware of the gravity of the subject. Those who think of having these operations can predict that operations performed in places with low prices, may have extremely harmful effects on human health.

Breast enlargement rates

Breast augmentation is used synonymously with the breast. The process is the same. Breast augmentation should also be done in a suitable environment and by an expert team. Since human health is a matter of concern, places that try to make money simply by doing this operation with a simple and easy understanding should not be preferred. With breast augmentation, it is known that women are trying to live their feminine feelings more intensely by bringing their genders to the forefront. But just feel these emotions women should not choose cheap and low rated places otherwise they can experience worse feeling to. Women who want to have breast enlargment operation want to get rid of the small breasts.
The techniques used during breast augmentation aesthetics are made by injection of fat tissue under the breast teat or specially prepared materials are given under the breast tissue which helps inflating and enlarging the breasts. After the breast augmentation process is completed, the opened skin tissue is closed with the appropriate suture material. Breast augmentation costs are differently determined for this procedure. Breast enlargement prices are determined by private consultation with patients and payment options may vary for each institution. Breast augmentation prices are the most appropriate prices that are calculated to obtain the good image you are aiming and the prices that are valid in the market.

Sweden is a country that has proved its first place around the world. We are carrying out our aesthetic operations with the philosophy of ‘Minimum mistakes and successful results’, thanks to the Swedish technique, developed by mathematical and algorithmic methods by Professor Hern, who performed the most esthetic surgery of the world from Sweden’s capital Stockholm. To make peace with the mirrors, transform yourself into the one you dream of, you just have to give us 1 day. With our magic touches, life will be more elegant on you.


  • Lee M.

    Hi Swedish clinic, I have a problem with my breast which irritates me too much, I have very small breasts therefore it is impossible wear whatever I want. Because whatever I wear my breasts look very small and immature. I would like to have breast implants but I have no idea, one of my Turkish friend had breast operation over there and she is very satisfied. she recommend your place. Can you please reply my request. Have a good day

  • meltem a.

    Im too happy thanks to you all mr. memet and ms. zeliha special thanks, operation was really successful and comfortable hi to turkey

  • Nida

    I had lock of self-esteem because of my breast were too smal but I found solution in your clinic thanks to the doctor and to you all for helping me . Im thankfull to you all

  • Deniz F.

    I had an operation a year ago there and I have got my dream result now Im on vacation and there is no surgery mark on my breast with your help I really admire it

  • nisa

    I would like to thank you for my breast operation everything went too successful you are awesome.

  • almira

    hello its my 3rd month after the breast surgery thanks for everything

  • Nermin

    hello Im writing from Germany for the first time I saw a place like sincere and concernes everything thanks to you all one by one

  • Sunaz

    The result is really succesdful and the result met my expectations thanks for your wrok except traffic of Istanbul everything was great 🙂

  • Mine

    Hello Doctor and swedish clinic team thanks to you all for all of your care for operation thankfully I chose you now your place will be my recommendation to everyone.. good work

  • Buse

    Hiiii Doctor

    You did my surgery and since I arrived Istanbul from driver to all your team were too kind and nice my operation duration went successful it was wayyyy upon what I expected thanks to everyone I wıll recommend your place everyone around me… have a great work

  • Berna

    I had operation a year ago and it is really beautiful their care and expecially they know which will bring the best results and they implant that Im sending my special salute to doctor and his assistants

  • Zahide T.

    yess I found a place which provides expected quality and service. little bit a busy place but the results and services they provide were great thanks to you all. loves and regards from Hambur

  • Mina E.

    Hello swedish clinic 🙂 I chose you from my surgery and its excatly what I expected thanks to you all

  • Ahsen

    with the recommend of my doctor I had 400cc implant , actually I wanted to get bigger but after operation I relaised the doctor was right, because this what I excatly wanted hi to everyone

  • Ayça

    I prefered your place because of one of my relatives recommendation, I think she glorified your place even less you deserve more glorify

  • Tülin

    for a long time I’ve never met a reliable team, I recommended everyone your place everything was süper I feel very happy after the treatment

  • Zerrin

    I have researched some other places too but I preferred your place at the end now I understand that I made the rıght choise everything was really good, my only complain was that your clinic was too crowded therefore I take a point off 🙂

  • Zehra V.

    Hi Im looking a good place to have breast surgery, after long reashing process they made me believe that you are the right adress , the results seem to be great I want to experience the ”400cc” miracle see you soon

  • leyla

    Hi Doctor its my 2nd month after operation I wanted to let you know from here, everything goes great my breasts are excatly how I wanted you are really successful firstly thanks to the driver and then everyone thanks and byy

  • kader

    hello doctor first of all greeting from Germany..
    my breast surgery went very very good for everything thanks to you and Swedish clinic, by the way Ms. suzii you should prefer this place for surgery they are perfect on that

  • Suzii

    The surgies you’ve done look very successful, is there a chance that I can see before and after pictures of your recent surgries? thanks in adnvance

  • Vildan

    Thanks for everything, the result is better than what I had expected

  • Emel

    its been one and a half month yesterday and I got my dream breasts you are number one in plastic surgery

  • Nur

    In one word you guys are FANTASTIC..

  • Dilek

    before and after the surgery everything went perfect but I was scared of too much visiable operation scar hoever now it is my 4th month and there is nothing as scar or mark thanks to my doctor and ms. demet

  • mercan

    My breast enlargment surgery went great and looks great I would like to thank all of you

  • Nurgül R.

    hello with you help I got breasts and I would like to congratulate you because of your success, thank you

  • sevtap

    since long time Im felt unfortunate because of my breasts however after operation you made me soo happy I can express my feelings. Since my arrival to departure you were with me with all of your team thanks to you all and my regards to the doctor and all of your team

  • suzan

    I have never seen something like this it looks great I recieved a perfect service I really do not know how to thank you, Im really grateful

  • ayşenur

    9 months ago I had operation and I followed everything my doctor said for aftercare operation I started doing my daily activities in a short time after operation everything went great love ya all take care

  • feride

    It was a long time problem for me but I had operation and now its my 4th monh Im really satisfied with the result I would like to thank everyone by one by I will be there wih my sister-in-law soon she needs the same operation too ,

  • sevda

    I got a best service from you and I share my experience with everyone around me your kindness and affinity plus perfect operation result I would ask for anything else.

  • nurcan

    3 months ago I had operation I never tought it would be too easy if I knew it was this easy I would come here a year ago for operation lots lots lots thanks to my doctor and you all

  • Sude U.

    Last Summer my cousin had operation in your place and she recommended your place, now it has been 4 months since I had operation too Im really satisfied with the result I saw a really good and high quality service more than my cousin told. I would like to thank from bottom of my heart. You are number one in Turkey.

  • Emine

    After I gave brith my breast became saggy and droopy a year later I chose Swedish Clinic, they informed me about everything and supported me in everyway my speacial thanks will goes to assistants and nurses they were too kind love you all kisses

  • Bahar

    My operation process and operation was very comfortabla since all the team wwas with me and they informed me about everything thanks to your team

  • semiha

    Do not hesitate they really give high level service it exceeds even europian standards thanks for being ..

  • Fatma E.

    Ms. Gül I had the same problem as yours but the results are really successful I had operation 1 year ago , you should get the operation and wear that bikini with inner peace.

  • Gül D.

    Summer is coming and I don’t want to get ashemed from my breasts and I want to wear the bikini that Im dreaming of. In Germany I have heard your name and your results are good and successful can I get price for 400cc

  • Belgin A.

    I got in touch with you 4 months ago because of breast operation. 3 months alreadt passed beside the busyness of the clinic everything went great and Their system was too professional I would like to send my endless thanks to the driver and doctor’s assistans.

  • türkan

    I had breast ıperation and another small treatment with a good service endless thanks to Swedish clinic

  • neşe

    Swedis Clinic for breat surgery because for sure you will get great service

  • sevda

    its been 4 months since I had plastic surgery and I have never seen before as warm as kind and successful place and their quality is over top the europian standards, endless thanks to Ms. Zeliha

  • Gamze N.

    Its been a year since I had operation ı was a bit busy therefore I could not write till now however thanks to Swedish clinic for the quality and perfection of its team

  • Rüya G.

    I had breast operation in Swedish Clinic by recommendation and now it even exceded my expectation thank you swedish clinic .

  • büşra R.

    Before I had operation , I had made a big research lastly I had a consultation in Swedish Clinic, they are respectful and sincere I think this is the right place I would recommend Swedish clinic to anyone who want to have breast operation

  • canan

    I feel too lucky for chosing your place to have operation. Thank you

  • suna

    I had consultation with many places but I have decided to have operation in here and now I understand that I made the best decision the result is amazing. thankfully I had the operation before summer I would like to send my thanks to Mr. Mehmet and Ms. zeliha 🙂

  • fatma r.

    I gave a birth when I was too young therefore my breast sagged and that was making me sad . I have talked to my husband and I decided to have an operation. One of my neighbour had operation in your place and she advised me your place. After I made a small researches I found that your results are good now it has been 4 months since I had operation and there is almost no operation mark and I barely had pain. I would recommend your place anyone who want to have breat operation. bravo

  • ceydaaa.t

    my only problem was my breasts and after a made research for a month I and my couisin decided to go and have operation, its been 3 weeks since we had operation and the recovery is too fast a week later we will start doing sports again 🙂 hi to Mr Mehmet

  • fatmanur

    I was following some results on social media and I came up to results of Swedish clinic. And that was my problem I had droopy and fainted breasts and after a long research I have decided to hav operation and after operation I feel way better and more feminen with my great breasts I hve recieved great service you guys are great thanks

  • Pelin h.

    3 years ago in Germany I had breast enlargment and Im not satisfied with that. They are fdifferent from eachother and Im even ashamed in front of my husband please help me

  • GAMZE S.

    Hello doctor, Since from long time I have researching. I have heard good thing about you and on the weekend I would like to visit you clinic. Are you working on weekends. When the shortest time would be for appointment? İf you replay back I will be really happy

  • Belgin A.

    After breastfeeding my breast got smaller and at the same time İt looks droopy. Can get information about breast enlargment and lifting operation. However now I breast feed my child when can I have the operation. I would like to know if the is side effects such as loos of feeling on nipple area, what is the brand name of the prosthesis and for how many years it will last also for how many days I need to stay there please answer my questions. Sincerely

  • Hasret Y.

    Hi Doctor I just got married but because of my breats are too small, it effects my psycology in a bad way also my husband does not like its size. Im 26 years old and want to get breast enlargment. also my couisin had operation and she is really satisfied. I want to come there can you call me.

  • Kader Ş.

    Hello I live in Germany and I am 26 years old want to have breat enlargment operation. My friend had done it in your place. I want to get operated in a very short time. Can I get informed.

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